1960 Year of birth
1974 Started Jitsu in Haku-Tei in Wetteren, a member of the Flamish Jitsu Federation
1980 Restarts Jitsu in Yawara-Ryu in Ghent. Sensei Jos Burgelman is then a technical council member in the Flamish Jitsu Federation.
1986 Instructor in Kumiuchi Ju-Jitsu in Berlare.
1989 Black Belt 1st Dan
1990 Instructor in Yawara Ryu in Ghent
1991 2nd Dan
1993 Tengu Ryu Junior Club founded
Transforms his Jitsu Club into an independant club, named Tengu Ryu Berlare.
1994 3rd Dan
Teacher for the "Jitsu Instructor certificate" a set of courses offered by the Higher Council for Ju Jitsu to candidate Jitsu teachers
1998 4th Dan
2000 Created his website
Member of the examination commitee of Yawara Ryu Ghent
2003 5th Dan
2003 Council Member of the Dancollege in Ghent Belgium
2007 Vice Chairman of the Dancollege in Ghent Belgium
2007 Vice Chairman of the Higher Council for Ju Jitsu in Ghent Belgium
2009 6th Dan

Pascal Van De Walle started his studies of ju-jitsu in 1974 at the age of 14. Already passionate about martial arts as a child he followed his future brother-in-law Willy De Clercq and joined Haku-Tei Ryu in Massemen and later in Wetteren. His parents were never really supportive of these studies but he continued stubbornly. Fortunately his wife to be and still today has always supported him wholeheartedly even though a lot of his free time is spent at this passtime. He kept stubbornly at it for 36 jears continuing to study Self-defense and Jitsu under his Sensei Jos Burgelman and Georges Verhamme.

When his brother-in-law Willy De Clercq died tragically in a car accident in 1986 he agreed to take over his teaching responibilities in Willy's Jitsu club, part of Kumiuchi Berlare. Despite only being 3rd Kyu he was allowed to start as a teacher under the guidance of his training partner and friend Danny Buysse,

Pascal is now the chief instructor of Tengu Ryu Berlare and also teaches at Yawara Ryu Ghent. Knowing that in order to be a good instructor, one needs to remain a student, Pascal has sought to remain a student among his own students and demands the same of his instructors, Guy Van Geert en Geert Herssens. Belgium is not a country where one can gain a living as a teacher of martial arts. Pascal is of an opinion that money and sports make a bad combination. Jitsu is mentally and physically very difficult and membership should remain available for anyone at a reasonable price. Putting a membership fee unreasonably high will prevent some men or women from developing their hidden talents.

Since 2003, Pascal Van De Walle has joined the Dancollege and promotedto vice-chairman of the Dancollege and of The Higher Council for Ju Jitsu.

Pascal Van De Walle has dedicated his free time to teaching people how to strengthen their minds and body, to develop their confidence through the hardships and philosophies of the martial arts.